Austin Ableton Tutor Introduction

Jimmy Allison is A Certified Ableton trainer based in Austin, Texas. Jimmy also offers  Ableton Live training online. His training is highly adaptive and capable and informative. Training in  music production, live performance, DJing, synthesis, music theory, and more,  with music production and performance software Ableton Live. Jimmy teaches private and group lessons locally and online for all levels and all styles, focusing heavily on the needs of the student. His training can help get you started, take you to the next level, help you polish up a track, teach you how to make a performance template,  and much more! Get started right away! Check out the rates and specials page. Jimmy’s rates are very competitive with the tuition of schools plus the student will get specialized one on one training rather than a rigid curriculum based course. Contact him at  to get started with your Ableton training program right away.
Phone: 512.351.1870

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Ableoton, Max4live, and more Freebies from Bitvoltage

Free Stuff from me and the rest of the crew over at Bit Voltage. Check back often because the list is always growing!

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A Look Into Ableton Live

This video is a basic over view of some of the Features of Ableton Live 9.

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Push tip – Use A Side Chain Compressor without Touching the Laptop

Tip of the morning to ya..
Push users that do not want to touch the laptop this one is for you


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Warping a Track in Ableton Live

This Video will teach a very fast and simple method of warping tracks in Ableton Live 8 or 9

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Intro to Max for Live video class available NOW!!! (Discounted price until July 14th!!!)

BV Intro to M4LBit Voltage is proud to finally bring you our Intro to Max for Live video class. This class introduces the student to the basics of Max for Live from the ground up with a focus on accessing and manipulating aspects of your set via the Live API. The Video will  lead the student through the step-by-step process that goes into building a device from scratch The videos take the dense and complex arena of Max for Live and dissect it into intuitive, digestible chunks, which can be absorbed at the student’s own pace. Check out some of the material from the class…

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Using izotope Stutter Edit With Ableton Push

In this Video Ableton Certified Trainer I instruct you how to set up Izotope Stutter Edit inside a drum rack, so you can play and sequence stutter edit with Ableton Push.

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Mod your AKAI s950 with an SD card Reader!

one of my colleagues at Bit Voltage put together a comprehensive tutorial on how to mod the Akai S950
so it can be used with an SD Card reader. … rd-reader/

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Making Beats With Ableton Push

This is a great video showing off the Ableton Push and Live 9 being used to create drum beats on the fly. The Push is able  to use the step sequencer, play your drum beats in live, or use a combination of both. I personally been really enjoying the beat making workflow of The Ableton Push.

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Ableton Push Jamming with Stutter Edit

to get push to work with izotope stutter edit I created a drum rack loaded with external instrument racks and then routed the midi to the drum track with stutter.
Listen to this video on some descent speakers with Bass

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Video of Imogen Heap showing off her motion gloves controlling Ableton Live!


Imogen Heap is an inspire innovator that has always been pushing the limits of what you can do with Ableton Live.  Check it out!

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